Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact between Mother and Newborn Child


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Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact between Mother and Newborn Child
Skin-to-skin care or kangaroo care in infants involves the mother holding the naked baby against her skin between her breast to place the infant in a position with maximum skin contact and a blanket covering the back of the infant. This form of care has benefits to both the mother and the infants. The benefits of skin to skin care have also been demonstrated in both preterm infants and full-term infants (
et al., 2009; Begum et al., 2008). According to Johnson (2007) infants benefit from the reduced sleep and reduced agitation and the mothers benefit from increased confidence and optimism with skin to skin contact. The benefits of skin-to-skin contact in the...
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.....aving breastfeeding difficulties. Birth: Issues in
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