“Bend it Like Beckham” as a Modern Version of Cinderella


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The beginning:
"Bend it Like Beckham" as a Modern Version of Cinderella
Bend it Like Beckham really is a modern version of Cinderella – even if it does not appear to be. The following essay will explain why this is so by using some characteristics of the typical fairy tale as described by Jones. However, the paper will highlight how the film is a departure from the normal fairy tale insofar as the female lead is not passive and does not allow herself to be swept away by the handsome prince. Beyond that, the film is an altered, twenty-first century fairy tale in the sense that the young woman at the heart of the story leads a twenty-first century life and pursues her own destiny rather than letting outside forces shape her.
Some scholars have written that...
The end:
In the end, we have in this 2002 film a story that shows a new kind of Cinderella: she is strong, determined, talented and more interested in her dreams than in finding herself in the arms of her prince. The story fits the classic mould of a fairy tale – but it updates things, too.
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