Beer Buyer Characteristics and Buying Behavior


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Beer Buyer Characteristics and Buying Behavior
The characteristics of beer buyers weigh heavily upon their buying behavior. Regardless of the type of beer, there are a number of commonalities. Beer buyers certainly enjoy the taste of beer, which includes its grainy flavor and its unique body. However, one of the most attractive aspects to drinking beer is not just the effects garnered from consuming an alcoholic beverage, but the specific effects that the ingredient hops has. Hops is a plant with the Latin name Cannabis humulus. In fact, hops is the only living relative of Cannabis sativa, which is popularly known as marijuana, weed, pot, or grass. Thus, it should be no surprise that hops lends that soporific effect to beer which has...
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.....ogically advanced nations in the world. Heineken is a beer with a great taste and because of its moderate price and high quality, it is a beer which has a very loyal following internationally. Out of all three of these aforementioned beers, Heineken has the best combination of quality, taste, and price and this reflected in its worldwide marketshare and premium reputation.
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