BC Ferries FOI Policy and Ways to Promote Transparency


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The beginning:
BC Ferries FOI Policy and Ways to Promote Transparency
Memo from: Name here, Special Assistant to the Minister of Jobs Tourism and Innovation
Memo to: Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
The Problem
When BC Ferries came under the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Law due to the efforts of the B.C. Liberal Government, it was with good reason. As Sam Eifling writes in his article “BC Ferries openness rankles FOI requesters,” BC Ferries was under fire for a number of questionable practices, like hiring a German company to a fleet of super ferries at the cost of $542 million seven years ago and for the mismanagement that led to the sinking of the vessel The Queen of the North that led to two...
The end:
.....the compensation levels of their executives to the accidents that have led to fatalities have been so well-documented in the past.
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