Battered Woman’s Syndrome: A Complication of Law?


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Battered Woman’s Syndrome: A Complication of Law?
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Battered Women’s Syndrome: A Complication of Law?
Ever since cavemen were purported to drag women by their hair into their lairs, women have been the victims of domestic violence. The problem is a medical, social, political, economic, and legal one that has blurred lines and created complications that makes legal guidelines and applications of the law sometimes difficult. There are also degrees of domestic violence that range from name calling to murder. Even as little as 100 years ago laws gave men power over women, and women were deemed chattel, or property, with no rights of their own except at the discretion of their spouse. It has only been in...
The end: do not commit the crime during a battering incident, and this is where there remains a problematic area.
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