Bad Parenting at Home and in Church


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Bad Parenting at Home and in Church
Bad parenting is a combination of things that can easily lead to self-esteem issues in children that can last an entire lifetime. In the home, this can involve ignoring one’s child, physical and emotional abuse, complaining to others in front of them, even comparing their behavior with other children. In the church, it can involve issues of public embarrassment, like criticizing them in front of other children or even worse, punishing them in front of other children.
In the home, the first and most egregious examples of bad parenting is when a child is ignored or neglected. This can cause feelings of loneliness and issues with their self-esteem. When this happens, children can easily become tentative in...
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.....a failure to recognize and encourage their development into an independent personality. This can lead to the development of a rigid, authoritarian personality that is not open to new ideas or experiences.
In conclusion, bad parenting can take many forms and emerge in a variety of different environments. It is often anchored however in a common set of shortcomings. This involves a sense of selfishness on the part of the parent and a desire to put an adult’s needs before that of a child. The best way to avoid it is to set aside one’s own personal wants in favor of focusing on the child’s development. A child needs love and constructive criticism when necessary to grow and mature in ways that will impact their lives far beyond their childhood.