B-STRESS, INC.: A Stress Management Firm


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B-STRESS, INC.: A Stress Management Firm
Stress is a part of life. Workplace stress serves to motivate employees, keep employees alert and drive employees to find a solution to problems. When work stress turns into distress the body over-reacts.
Distress results in a flight or fight scenario for the employee. Employee retention is directly linked to employee distress.
Perception and interpretation of criticism in the workplace dictates the body’s reaction to stress and distress. When events are manageable our bodies don’t go haywire. When events become unmanageable blood pressure rises, people behave unexpectedly and the body over-reacts.
Learning how to approach stressful situations in a more realistic and reasonable way is what B-STRESS,...
The end:
.....rome, alcohol abuse, tobacco use and drug abuse (Ramaciotti D., Perriard J., 2004, 5).
The Swiss Banking community has expressed interest and concern of determining the actual level of stress in their employees. Not only have Swiss Banks taken such an interest the amount of stress at work public interest has grown also.
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