AWC Inc.’s Ventilation Dilemma: A Business Ethics Case Study


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AWC Inc.'s Ventilation Dilemma: A Business Ethics Case Study
1. This case outlines the challenges faced by AWC Inc., an aluminum manufacturing concern based in Ontario. The company is evaluating some difficult choices that may have a very negative impact on its ability to thrive. Because of new environmental regulations in the province, all companies are required to meet standards that decrease or eliminate the impact of toxins on the surrounding community. The work done by AMC Inc. produces pollution as a by-product of aluminum fabrication, which is currently not ventilated. Nonetheless, if they install a ventilation system to protect their employees from diseases known to be associated with this specific type of pollution, the by-product...
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.....olution would not meet the needs of all of the company’s existing employees, there is a good possibility that many of them would be absorbed into a merger. Alex would financially benefit given that the company is already making a profit and is in good stead, and all external stakeholders’ concerns would be met. From an ethical standpoint, the company must take steps to ensure that environmental standards are met because of the potential harmful effects on the health and welfare of the Ontario public over the long term. If the only way to do this is to sell the company, then this must happen.Reference
McLeod, W., Ager, D. and
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Dilemma." Cases in Business Ethics. London ON: Ivey Management Services, 1994.