Auto Insurance Policies


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The beginning:
Auto Insurance Policies
The author explains the different liability
to Bob who has just been in a minor accident where a car had crashed into him from behind, and caused Bob’s car to inadvertently crash into the car in front of him.
Bob does not understand the clauses in his auto insurance policy and therefore needs to know who will pay for the medical expenses of his passenger Ruth, the damages to both the front and the rear of Bob’s car, the damages to the car behind Bob, the damages to the car in front of Bob and finally the liability protection coverage for total property damage and also to personal bodily injury.
In a case like this the facts and figures in the police report and also the eye witness...
The end:
The premiums on the above for the driver that rear ended Bob’s car and also for Bob will increase in a case like this – unless one of them or both of them have their first accidents forgiven because they are loyal customers of the insurance company and because this is their very first accident (
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