Austin Bless: Evaluation in the Foreclosure Prevention Program


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Austin Bless: Evaluation in the Foreclosure Prevention Program
Discussion 10.1 Please respond to Austin Bless with at least one reference
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9 Nov 09    7:43 AM MST
Discussion 10.1The program I am proposing to evaluate is a foreclosure prevention program. Since I have selected a qualitative approach for my evaluation design, I have recast my questions here in the quantitative light.Do program participants understand the reason why they are facing foreclosure?Did the program help you to avoid foreclosure?Are you satisfied with the program?Did it meet your expectations?What is the success rate of the program?How many people could use this program that have been unreached?How many hours does it take to work...
The end: from your interview subjects. Bravo.
My only tiny quibble was that 60 students might not be statistically representative, especially if you’re looking at a 30-30 distribution between the users and the non-users. Let’s say you’ve got a total population of 500 users at the three schools. If you want 95% confidence in the data, with a confidence interval of 5 percent, your sample size has to be 217. So I would suggest casting a bigger net on the quantitative side, and then of course zooming in to speak with individual students. I love your idea, and would want it to be statistically robust, so that’s the spirit in which I make this comment. By the way, you can access a free sample size calculator here: