Aulette’s Categories and Where my Family Belongs


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The beginning:
Aulette's Categories and Where my Family Belongs
My family fits the criterion of geographic mobility because my father chose to work abroad. Over the course of 22 years my father provided a lifestyle for his family that was in the worse of times stable and in the best of times ascending. Although my family fits into
geographic mobility it does fit 100%. There is nothing unique about my family we are common in the way in which my father’s earning potentials drives our family towards success. Success is measured by the property we own, the education we gain and the people we marry ((
is respected for her discussion of difficulties between family members when earnings drive the family. My father’s career was...
The end:
..... my family has positively affected each individual member. I have a highly functioning family. The outward and inward action of each of my family’s members depicts the positive self-image we have individually and as a whole. My family structure is complex, yet we all seem to function in at a very high level. This ability to function at a high level is a direct result of my father’s courage, strength and belief that there is nothing more important than his family (“Healthy vs. Unhealthy Family Structures”).
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