Attempt to Outline the History of the Russian Economy Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1984


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The beginning:
This essay will attempt to outline the history of the Russian economy since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1984. Since, then, Russia has struggled to transform a centrally planned economy into a market based economy. This colossal enterprise has suffered setbacks and enjoyed some successes. 
The privatization of state owned assets and properties was perhaps the most significant government activity during these reforms. Many steps had to be taken, including direct cash sales of shares form state enterprises. In some ways Russia has had a unique economic puzzle to solve, insofar it is rich in resources and sports a highly-educated work force, including an exceptional technology sector, and yet some of the policies implemented have not...
The end:
.....en naturally, as politics are inextricably entwined with a nation’s economy. It could be argued that the hardest days of Russian privatization are behind her. And yet even then, there are no certainties in discussing this unique nation’s fate. 
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