Asthma in the Asian Community


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The beginning:
Asthma in the Asian Community
The Asian community was chosen on the basis of community being defined as a group of people who have common interests because they share ethnicity and culture and to some extent lifestyle. The therapeutic use and effects of drugs for asthma are complicated for Asian people and especially for Chinese people.
3. The Asian community is the most rapidly growing minority group in Toronto. Statistics Canada reports that as of 2006, the largest visible minority group in Ontario consists of South Asians with a population of 794,170 and this represents 29 percent of all visible minorities in this province. The second largest visible minority group is Chinese who make up more than half a million or 576,980...
The end:
.....n the community. Resources result in reduced costs to the community in lost time at work and school. They also mean reduced health care costs.
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