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Assessments in reading and strategies to improve reading in young people
This paper discusses appropriate assessments in reading and strategies to improve reading in youngsters as well as strategies to improve assessments/evaluations pertaining to reading efficacy; naturally, the two areas are closely intertwined. There are several current trends in the realms of commercial and non-commercial testing. Some recent innovations, such as the Intervention Aligned Word List, offer promise; however, some difficulties also exist when capturing the rank difficulty of the words to which youngsters are exposed. InCAS a computerized evaluative instrument, is gaining traction by apparently offering more advantages to teachers than to students at...
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.....izing the important
concepts. Follow-up activities are recommended to reinforce
lesson content. The manual also includes a pretest, unit
quizzes, a posttest, content area word lists, nonphonetic word
lists, and spelling rules. Words can be used effectively by parents,
teacher aides, and teachers in both general and special
education classrooms.
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Marcia K. Henry
Integrated Decoding and Spelling
Instruction Based on Word Origin
and Word Structure