Assessment of Community and Culture


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Assessment of Community and Culture
This paper will provide a population profile and summary of growth and developmental considerations for a specific population; the population in question will be Arab and West Asians residing in the community of Mount Pleasant East in the city of Toronto (the two groups are grouped together as one group in the most recent census data for the city of Toronto). As time allows, this report will discuss how nursing head-to-toe assessment for this group will be impacted by the aforementioned growth and developmental considerations; this paper will also highlight how specific populations impact assessment techniques and shape findings. Finally, this paper will briefly discuss how cultural considerations impact...
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..... have been here for at least a generation) in an “old stock” community, the processes of integration were well-advanced. As far as interview techniques for such a population, that will have to involve a consideration of cultural factors; in short, any physician who is female will have to be respectful of male patients and will have to understand that some sorts of probing questions may cause a spark of indignation – or might have to be asked by someone else. Nonetheless, for nurses and physicians both, not too many problems should arise for the reasons outlined above. 
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