Assessment of Attitudes towards Recreational Sex


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A Survey-based Assessment of Attitudes towards Recreational Sex across 4 Generations
Attitudes towards sexual practices and sexual behavior have changed over time (Bergstrand & Sinski, 2010). Changes in attitudes towards sex might reflect corresponding changes in socio-cultural norms (Bergstrand & Sinski). To better understand how social and cultural changes affected attitudes towards sex, a quantitative comparative survey method was developed. The specific problem under study is to identify how persons in 4 generations perceive sex and whether there is a potential correlation that can be made between a person’s generational experiences, demographic characteristics, and his or her attitudes towards sex.
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.....s as:
Urban or Rural
On average, approximately how many minutes per week do you exercise? __________________
Identify the number of children or dependents you currently have living with you: ______________
Have you served or are you currently serving in the military? Yes No
Do you attend church: Weekly Ethnicity: African-American
Occasionally Asian / Pacific Islander
Rarely / Never Caucasian
Hispanic / Latino
Native American / Alaskan Native
Year of birth: ______________ Other __________________________
If you have attended college, what is / was your college major? ____________________________
IF you are currently in college, identify your status:
Graduate Student
Thank you for participating in this survey!