Assessment of a Helping Relationship


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Assessment of a Helping Relationship
Mr. H is a 46-year-old man who is married and has a teenage son and daughter. His life was turned upside down when he had what he fully believed was a heart attack. The experience was a close call because although it was not an actual heart attack, it could have turned in to that within minutes. The client presented to the hospital with severe angina or chest pain. He was in the emergency department for hours while being checked and having a diagnosis made. The doctor found heart muscle damage but no evidence of a heart attack. He was later moved to the cardiology unit for treatment. His main helper was his primary nurse who attended to all his needs for information and practical concerns....
The end:
.....e which was an angiogram as a sort of X-ray and then an angioplasty which is the real procedure for opening up the arteries. It allows the blood to flow easily because the catheter removes the blockage.
I: How do you feel now that you have had this treatment?
C: I feel as if I have a new lease on life but I also feel shaky because I have to live in a different way from in the past.
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