Assessment and Treatment Plan


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Assessment and Treatment Plan
A few days of alcohol treatment can really change a person’s outlook by instilling hope. The partner of the addicted person though may require individual counseling to bolster up that same hope. Addiction is a hope smasher in that any aftercare plan is contingent on the desire and willingness of the addict to sustain abstinence from alcohol or drugs (“Addiction Treatment Plans,” n. d.).
There is often a period after treatment called the “pink cloud syndrome.” The pink cloud syndrome is a physical manifestation of the body detoxifying from alcohol and/or drugs. The person makes it through the detoxification period and they start feeling healthier, their mind begins to clear and overconfidence occurs. This...
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.....ent plan is the creation and the sustaining of hope in the life of the alcoholic and their family. Language is a large part of sustaining hope in families. Relapse is a detour from the common goal of abstinence it is not a derailment (“Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Self-Help,” 2010).
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