Aspects of Professional Psychology: Sexual Misconduct


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Aspects of Professional Psychology: Sexual Misconduct
ACA Code A.5.a,b. Sexual Misconduct –Engaging in sexual or romantic counselor-client interaction or relationships with current clients, their romantic partners, or family members.
Sexual misconduct is a continuous problem in the profession of behavioral health. It is easy to view sexual misconduct as being privy to bad clinicians and that patients are the victims of these bad clinicians, but this would be to easy and an oversimplification of the problem (Pope and Vasquez, 2007).
Sexual Misconduct as Enactment
Enactment as a mechanism in therapy can lead the best intention most well meaning clinician to engage in sexual misconduct with a patient. In this assignment there will be...
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.....erence and
as well as enactment is the best prevention for sexual misconduct in the profession. Understanding the concept of enactment reminds the therapist that they are human and that no therapist is above or beyond the vulnerability of sexual misconduct. There is no security for those therapists that believe sexual misconduct will not happen to them; in fact, the therapist that believes that they are immune is the one to worry about because they are unprepared for when the transference and
occurs. Awareness minimizes the occurrence of sexual misconduct (Pope & Vasquez, 2007).
Pope, K. & Vasquez, M. (2007). Ethics in
and counseling. New York:
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