Article Review on the Assessment of Acute Abdominal Pain


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Article Review on the Assessment of Acute Abdominal Pain
As a discipline, nursing is part science and part art. The science comes from academic learning, while the art comes from experience. For the nursing student, it is the artistic aspect of nursing that can be the most daunting since the experience is just not there yet. That is why it is vitally important to have, at one’s disposal, qualified and simplified assessment articles that the young nurse can rely on, where the voice of experience shares the wealth of knowledge that comes from years in the field. In this regard, available literature that is concise, easy to read and understand, and delivers “hidden” knowledge, is an essential tool for the beginning nurse. The article being...
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.....ble information for student nurses. It is important for nursing students to have clear and concise information that provides not only factual knowledge, but gives insight into the artistic aspects of the discipline. This article provides both the scientific and artistic information that is vital to assist the nursing student in helping develop the talents that are needed in order to be successful. The format of the article, the division of the information sections, medical terminology definitions, and the Time Out exercises all combine to provide an article that is not merely informational but insightful as well.
Cole, E. & Lynch, A. (2006). Assessment of the patient with acute abdominal pain. Nursing Standard, 20(39), 67-75.