Article Review: Nurses’ Experiences of Grief Following Patient Death


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The beginning:
Article Review: Nurses’ Experiences of Grief Following Patient Death
Nurses who provide end-of-life care are vulnerable and any nurse who experiences a patient’s death is also vulnerable. The ’curtain of protection’ in the title refers to nurses’ vulnerability when a patient dies. The article is intended to describe nurses’ lived experience when a patient dies. Lived experience refers to grief and what the nurse goes through. To learn of that experience, a qualitative phenomenologic approach was used; that approach has to do with being a human being and what a person feels in a certain situation. The whole idea is that the authors believed that nurses do not experience grief in the same way that other people do. Nurses experience patient’s...
The end:
.....elp the nurse to have a healthy professional life.
My conclusion
In my opinion, this article is extremely important for nurses because patient death is such a difficult experience. The strength of the article is that it addresses the worst experience that a nurse can encounter. The weakness is that the experience as the reader learns it is completely subjective and is provided through the self-reports of the nurses.
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