Article Review: Is Canada a Multinational State?


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Article Review: Is Canada a Multinational State? Introduction The idea of multiple nations of a “multinational” state is not the creation of the state itself, yet these nations are nevertheless “constructed” ( McRoberts 683). Consequently the concept of the multinational state has produced some novel terms such as “sociological nations” and “minority nations” and thus with the multinational state there is usually the assumption of “multiple identities” as many minority nations “do not in fact aspire to independence, for one reason or another, and their members also identify with the larger state” ( McRoberts 684). Though Canada has been spared the type of violence prevalent in other multinational states and...

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..... 1995, for instance, the most important of these minority nations, the francophone nations, came breathtakingly close to a mandate for secession. Moreover, the Aboriginal nations have established their own government and this has extended to self-policing. If only for these reasons, Canada’s
is established.
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