Article Review: Canadian Public Administration


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Article Review: Canadian Public Administration
Summary of the Article
Drawing on five years of research examining public policy in Canadian municipalities, Stoney and Graham (2009) provide an overview of the federal-municipal machinery developed to facilitate urban policy and program development. By “machinery" the authors refer to the programs and initiatives that have been used to structure federal-municipal relations and influence urban policy and development. The research time frame begins with the period leading up to the creation of the Ministry of State for Urban Affairs, in 1971, and continues through four decades to include recent events of note such as the creation of the Prime Minister's Caucus Task Force on Urban Issues, the...
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.....anation for these challenges. What is made clear in this article is that the problem with the neoliberal approach is not necessarily tied to one political level, but to the public administration framework of the country in which more power is given to the provinces than to the municipalities and cities in which our social problems exist. This means that when cities run into issues, they are not able to manage these issues independently but have to refer to the province for funding and leadership, although the federal government is beginning to intervene in some situations.
Stoney, C and Graham K.A.H. (2009). Federal-municipal relations
in Canada: The changing organizational landscape. Canadian Public Administration 52(3), 371-394.