Article Review Assignment: Rebellion of 1885


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Article Review Assignment: Rebellion of 1885
What both articles agree on is what the rebellion of 1885 was generally fueled upon on. In “The
Militant Rebels of 1885,” David Lee states that the 1885 rebellion was a “response by the
of the North-West Territories to the trauma of an abrupt and
baneful change in circumstances” (Lee 17). As such, both these article and the article “Aboriginal Title” catalog elements leading to the decline of the
economy such as the disappearance of the buffalo, the decline of the fur trade, and the suffering of the
cart trains and boat brigades from the arrival of railways and steamboats in western Canada. However, while Lee examines the political opinion and...
The end:
.....the Church’s authority was likely not as strong, thus, the attempt of the missionaries to persuade them out of insurrection generally fell to deaf ears.
Both the articles imply that despite the contemporary literature that exist on the 1885 rebellion the much of the events surround the rebellion remains obscure. However, there is enough information in the literature to demonstrate that Riel embarked upon a deliberately deceptive strategy which ultimately exploited the most indigent of the
groups to join in the North-West Rebellion which ended devastatingly form them. In effect, it would be more accurate to state that Riel saw the injustices incurred by the
as an opportunity to implement his radical political theories.