Article Outline on the Development of New Theoretical Astronomical Models


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Article Outline on the Development of New Theoretical Astronomical Models
The chosen article, “World’s Fastest Supercomputer Models Origins of the Unseen Universe” published on, explains how world fastest computer is used for development of new theoretical astronomical models. The supercomputer is called Roadrunner and is capable of performing a quadrillion (1015) floating point operations per second, or in computer jargon
/s. This fastest computer in the world contains, beside usual processors, four accelerating processors per two dual-core processors.
This computer is currently used to develop the “Roadrunner Universe” model. The aim of this model is to simulate overall distribution of matter in the universe by...
The end:
.....e galaxy-scale of mass.
Of course, this is an ambitious computational project. It relies on world’s fastest computer ever built. This machine, called ‘Roadrunner’ (hence the name of the model) can perform 1015 floating point operations per second. Its computing power relies on the use of additional processors as computational accelerators (each two dual-core processors augmented by four computational accelerators make a node in ‘Roadrunner’ cluster).
The model should provide a more accurate image of mass distribution in the universe. It is also expected to aid in interpretation of ongoing observations that are looking for further clues on the nature and origin of dark matter and dark energy as well as their interaction with ordinary matter.