Article Critique: “Young Women’s Responses to Smoking and Breast Cancer Risk Information”


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Article Critique: Young Women's Responses to Smoking and Breast Cancer Risk Information
Breast cancer is a common form of cancer in Canadian women. According to the Canadian Cancer Society (2011) 23,000 Canadian women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer with 5,300 breast cancer deaths occurring. In women younger than 50 years it is the most common cause of cancer (Canadian Cancer Society, 2009). Bottorff et al. (2010) conducted a research study examining the response of young women to information about the link between smoking and breast cancer. This paper is a discussion of the critical appraisal of the study conducted by Botorff et al. (2010).
The title of this research article is clear and concise with a total of ten words....
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.....alizability of their findings.
Bottorff, J.L., McKeown, S.B., Carey, J., Haines, R., Okoli, C., Johnson, K.C. et al. (2010). Young women's responses to smoking and breast cancer risk information. Health Education Research, 25(4):668-77.
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