Article Analysis Paper: “Crack and Prostitution”


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The beginning:
Article Analysis Paper: “Crack and Prostitution”
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The chapter wants to emphasize how women who happen to be plagued by substance abuse issues and who are in the prostitution or sex trade industry are marginalized even more so than they might be otherwise because their addictions are seen as overwhelming their capacity to fulfill their care-giving and nurturing roles within society; they are doubly marginalized. Historically, such women were participating in what the authors allege is a predominantly male activity (illicit drug use) and, because they are engaged in a “male” activity, they are threatening their assigned gender roles. Thus, beyond the fact that they are...
The end:
..... were leading questions; this would give us much insight into the integrity of the interviewers. Last of all, the brief review of the available literature at the start of the study tends to be drawn from 1980s source materials – which makes them rather dated. Since these are feminist scholars, one has to wonder at how selectively they chose their material and whether or not their questionnaire was shaped and distorted by a feminist bias.
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