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Art History Essays
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1 – The fourteenth century saw incredible and unprecedented political, social, and economic changes across Europe. Of particular import to Italy were the changes brought about by the Plague (or Black Death) and the increasing rise in secular humanist philosophies, science, and teachings based in Classical history. A broader range of subjects and narratives, as well as techniques and styles, became integral at this moment in art production, during the first steps toward a “rebirth” of Ancient Greek and Roman ideals in visual art, literature, philosophy, and science. As these interests infiltrated society as a whole in Southern Europe, the Italian Renaissance was born.
For the thousand years between the...
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.....e far into the background through a lessening of details and a muting of colors the farther back we look. This format works perfectly with
Vinci’s “
” technique, which creates a smoky/ hazy effect along the edges of the figures and objects in his paintings, making them seem both solid and weighty and soft and ephemeral at the same time (
618). Thus aerial perspective, like the various forms of linear perspective, can help to enhance the particular subject(s) of an artwork as well as create realistic,
three-dimensional spaces upon a flat picture plane.
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