Arranged Marriages vs. Love Marriages


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Arranged Marriages vs. Love Marriages
Arranged and love marriages are two different types of marriages that have been accepted in most countries. Love marriages are based on choice while arranged marriages are usually arranged by family or by an agent chosen by the family. The differences in marriages in Asian couples compared to marriages based on love in the United States will show that problems exist in both types of marriages, but the Chinese have fewer divorces.
Arranged Marriages vs. Love Marriages
Most couples enter into marriage, whether it is an arranged marriage or one based on love, with high hopes for the future. According to Neff and Karney (2005), “Newlyweds tend to describe their partners in extremely positive terms and...
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.....his research raises a concern that cognitive-behavioral concepts and methods such as communication skills training and cognitive restructuring methods that challenge partners' standards likely require tailoring to meet the needs of members of different cultures.
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