Aristotelian Analysis of Chris Umiastowski’s Article


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The beginning:
Aristotelian Analysis of Chris Umiastowski's Article
The article “Buying into the reinvention of RIM” by Chris Umiastowski is clear example of a third-order enthymeme. By default, the article is well suited to an Aristotelian analysis. The syllogism behind the enthymeme would be as follows:
P1.Chris Umiastowski "spent over a decade working as a technology analyst on Bay Street" and is therefore credible (Umiastowski).
P2.The Orlando conference attendees gave glowing analyses of RIM.
C.The developers are justified into buying into the RIM reinvention.
The enthymeme would simply involve the unstated conclusion that the overall strategy of RIM was sound.
The aforementioned first premise is also an example of how the author uses the appeal of...
The end:
.....ted repeatedly in many ways throughout the article that at the conference, it was clear that “this technically savvy audience is buying into the reinvention of RIM” (Umiastowski). Perhaps the greater point is that Umiastowski was trying to bully readers of the article into getting behind the reinvention as a method to be regarded as being technically savvy. Whether readers truly bought into his argument remains to be seen. If nothing else, Umiastowski established that he is selling RIM to the public just as much as the company is on its own. Umiastowski reinvented RIM in his
own unique way as a writer.
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