Aries Catering and Aries Tours of Armenia: Case Overview


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The beginning:
Aries Catering and Aries Tours of Armenia: Case Overview
Case Summary
Here are the key facts presented in the case:
is in a fortunate position; he is one of the few entrepreneurs who has been able to build a profitable business from scratch.
Here are the critical issues presented in the case:
is facing some pressing problems arising from the state of his native country, Armenia, which is also the headquarters and operational base for his business, Aries Catering and Aries Tours. In a nutshell, the problems facing
are as follows: (a) Labor, (b) the legal and bureaucratic infrastructure, and (c) competition.
problems are particularly difficult because they are embedded in cultural considerations. Each...
The end:
.....s. In addition,
should translate his first mover status into competitive advantage by turning it into a branding theme. Even if
cannot match the economies of scale created by the larger companies, he could turn his operational history into a branding advantage. For example,
could launch a Web advertising campaign emphasizing his status as a first mover, which would allow him to charge a brand premium to foreign customers in particular.
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