Arguments for My Atheist Beliefs


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Arguments for My Atheist Beliefs
I am always surprised at how people, whether personally known by me or not, take a stance or have an opinion about my religious beliefs. As an atheist, I can personally vow to the broad range of ridiculous to educated arguments against atheism. Arguments from “you know, Hitler was an atheist,” to “you must not have any beliefs and morals” from my friends, family, classmate are surprisingly common, even from educated people. Why must an individual who does not believe in the existence of God automatically be associated with the evil and the corrupt? By the way, Hitler was not an atheist but was brought up as a Roman Catholic. In fact, he used God as a justification for the Holocaust, mainly through his...
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.....ese bad acts because of an inherent fear of being judged by a divine being. Maybe they fear that they will be sent to hell for eternity. But consider an atheist who refrains from these same acts. He or she refrains not for any external reasons but simply out of their own free will. They have no fear of being judged by God because they do not believe in God. They have no fear that their spirit will be sent to hell or stay in purgatory because they do not believe in souls. They simply choose to be good because they are inherently good. This is what I usually say to those who criticize my beliefs. Morality can be promoted by simple human values. Morality does not need religion to do what humanity, believers and nonbelievers, can do themselves.