Argentina and Globalization Annotated Bibliography


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Argentina and Globalization Annotated Bibliography
Amoroso, Bruno, “Globalization and Poverty” in Development,
, Vol.50, Iss.2, June 2007: 12-18.
This source looks at how economic globalization has often resulted in increased poverty. Argentina is mentioned as one of the countries that have suffered greatly for embracing neo-liberal policies. This places Argentina in the same situation as countries like Russia and South Korea.
This source works very well with the McNally source and with the
, Celeste, “How to Solve Argentina’s Debt Crisis” in
Chicago Journal of International Law, Chicago, Vol.4,
Iss.1, Spring 2003: 245-254.
This source looks at the effects of Structural Adjustment Programs(
) on...
The end:
This source is very important because it makes a link between Structural Adjustment Programs(
). These are actions that the IMF and the World Bank place on countries that get loans from them.
are problematic because they involve making major cuts to social programs. Argentina initially instigated
in as a part of embracing neo-liberal ideologies in the 1990s. While this worked initially it eventually resulted in economic ruin. When Argentina was in dire economic need they had to apply for loans from the World Bank and the IMF. This meant they had to cut more social spending as a part of forced SAPS.
This source works very well with the McNally source. Both sources discuss the negative effects of
on Argentina.