Are Women Smarter?


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The beginning:
Are Women Smarter?
The intelligence of men and women has been a contentious issue. The traditional view in most western societies is that women are less intelligence then men. For example, in “Feminine Sexual Pathologies” Peter Cryle and Lisa Downing state,
In ordinary cases, however, these defects are neutralized by pity, motherhood, the lack of
ardent passion, sexual coldness, weakness,
and lesser intelligence.
Statements like this seem to suggest that women are inferior to men. They are seen as less emotionally and intellectually developed. Motherhood is seen as one of the most important cause of this inferiority.
In recent years this idea has been linked to the term “mom brain”. In The Mommy Brain Katherine Ellison declares,
And I knew...
The end:
.....n’s argument is correct. There is evidence that “mommy brain” was created to maintain male dominance in the workforce. Parenting changes the human brain and women’s brains appear to be influenced to a greater degree. These changes result in different and improved cognitive abilities for women when they become mothers.
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