Applying Walt’z Three Images and Constructivism in “Lord of the Flies”


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Applying Walt'z Three Images and Constructivism in "Lord of the Flies"
Lord of the Flies by William Golding is considered one of the great allegorical novels of the 20th century. Through the use of various literary devices as well as unique plot and setting, the story speaks about human nature and the causes of conflict and war. As a way providing an insightful analysis of Golding’s novel, the following discussion applies Kenneth Waltz’s three images from his book entitled Man, The State and War. In turn, social constructivism is used to analyze the book while also providing a critique of Waltz’s method.
Applying Waltz’s three Images
Waltz’s three images provide a critique of various conceptual frameworks that political scientists have...
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..... these factors are influenced by human nature itself. It can reasonably be concluded, therefore, that human conflict and war is a manifestation of our inner beings. That is why it has been said that “as the heart speaks, so is he” (Allen 7).
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