Applying Four Ethical Principles to a Medical Case


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Applying Four Ethical Principles to a Medical Case
Mr. W. is a 23 year old single African American male was brought to the emergency department because he had become lethargic and weak. The patient had been complaining of a headache in the left temporal region for the past four weeks which had not responded to any of the over the counter medications. He decided to come to the emergency department when he felt that the headache pills were not working. His brother found him slumped in the driver’s seat of his car too weak and lethargic to drive himself to a hospital. A CT scan of the head that was done in the ED showed that a blood clot in his brain that had caused an increase in intracranial pressure. The neurosurgery team was called and...
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Self evaluation
The important thing I learned from completing this analysis is how to analyze each of the ethical principles involved with their corresponding outcomes in order to identify the course of action that will be most satisfactory each person involved. I also learned that several of the ethical principles may result in performing the same actions and have the same outcomes.I learned how to apply ethical principles to ethical dilemmas from completing this analysis and will be able to apply ethical principles to such conflicts instead of relying on my personal values. This will benefit my day-day practice because I can use the analysis of ethical principles to resolve any ethical dilemma that I encounter in my practice.