Application of Porter’s Five Forces to Indigo in the Canadian Book Retail Sector


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Application of Porter’s Five Forces to Indigo in the Canadian Book Retail Sector
Threat of New Entrants
The overall threat of new entrants for the book retail industry is medium. According to Heritage Canada, the Canadian book retail sector is highly concentrated. The major issue here has been the shift in market share from independent bookstores to a single national chain, namely Indigo and its affiliated brands, and powerful regional chains in Quebec. This process has unfolded over the past decade or more, and the result has been to place a majority share of the Canadian consumer book market in the hands of a small number of retailers.
In Canada, therefore, with fewer competitors, the market is likely very open to new entrants, but at...
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....., most of which would have consisted of used books sold outside of Canada. The company competes against Best Buy (18% market share in the CD/DVD market) for CD and DVD sales, and against Shoppers Drug Mart and American Greetings for gift and gift wrap sales (16% of the gift sales market and 4% of the gift wrap sales market respectively).
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