Application for Fellowship in Medicine


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Application for Fellowship in Medicine
Aiding others has always been part of my nature. Whether it was a sibling struggling with a mathematical problem, or a fellow classmate struggling with personal problems, I always have taken pride in my interest in the well being of my fellow man.
As an adult, my passion has extended into a course of medicine, in particular the study of Endocrinology. Endocrinology is fascinating to me because it has applications to the entire body. A correctly functioning endocrine system is integral to proper functioning of the body. Endocrinology concerns the way the body communicates with itself chemically. Much of the field is unknown, and the challenges for discovery are very exciting to me. My innate need to...
The end:
.....I am not just a person who fixes the mechanism of the body. I feel that I have a higher calling, a calling that allows me to give of my own spirit in the betterment of the spirit of others.
The information I have accrued, the experiences I gained, and the hope that I have developed over my career will allow me to engage in a research model that will allow me to synergize the totality of my calling into an achievement that will change the onset and progression of the pernicious disease, diabetes. I humbly ask for the funding through this fellowship to make a difference in the lives of those afflicted with diabetes. In so doing, I will be able to help those that are presently helpless, and hopefully change the course of the lives of millions.