Appearance and Personality


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The beginning:
Appearance and Personality
For quite a while, I used to have really long hair. As I played in a rock band, this hairstyle was quite apropos. At the same time, the social reaction to my lengthy hair was often extreme. Women would sometimes walk right up to me and begin complimenting me on my hair. Then they would realize they were being forward and then become shy, at least sometimes. I would catch guys staring sometimes, often with envious looks on their faces.
Once my hair was longer than eighteen inches, these types of reactions became more noticeable. I was working in a music store while studying guitar when one day these two college co-eds strolled in. They made a cursory attempt at fumbling through some albums while periodically...
The end:
.....lking to me quite a bit about how “cool” musicians were and how girls just loved to be with them. I felt ashamed of myself as I was being assumed to be a promiscuous person. These girls were certainly attractive and I was single, but I have always been the type of guy who likes to actually get to know a girl first. In addition, I was getting hungry for dinner.
When I stood up and told the girls that I was leaving, they were stunned. They inquired as to my sudden departure and I made some marginal excuse that I had forgotten to meet some of my friends to play basketball. Perhaps my looks and musicianship were simply misconstrued and assumed to be indicative of a promiscuous personality. However, I have never been that type of vacuous person.