Anticommunism and McCarthyism Paper


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The beginning:
Anticommunism and McCarthyism Paper
Wanda Albritten
University of Phoenix
Anticommunism and McCarthyism Paper
Today, the terms anticommunism and McCarthyism are probably synonymous in the public mind. However, McCarthyism happened to be a momentary manifestation of anticommunism, a broader ideology that has outlived and superseded McCarthyism.
As an ideology, anticommunism dates back to the nineteenth century, when a rising tide of socialism in Europe (influenced by the French Republican experiment of 1789, and resulting in the various revolutions of 1848) prompted clerics, businesspeople, and the aristocracy to band together to fight the socialist-communist project by cultural, electoral, and economic means. In the U.S., anticommunism did...
The end:
.....all aspects of American life had been infiltrated by Communists with an imminent plan to destroy the country in one manner or other. The Red Scare led to the blackballing of many decent Americans whose only ‘crime’ was to adhere to socialist principles, created a political climate in which extreme positions flourished, and subverted Americans’ trust in each other. The adversarial and internally divided climate that first flourished during the Red Scare has continued to be a legacy of American political life until the present day.
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