Answering Questions from the Course Readings


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Answering Questions from the Course Readings
1.Why would someone find Cultural Relativism attractive?
It is attractive because it implies we are all equal. Additionally, the argument helps us to avoid conflict with other people with other views. Thirdly, the argument appeals to people because it prevents moral judgments being made – which can make people uncomfortable. Beyond that, cultural relativism challenges our own culturally-determined notions of right and wrong and forces us to consider if we know the objective truth. Further, cultural relativism urges and promotes tolerance. Another thing about cultural relativism is that it allows us the freedom to act in different ways in different circumstances. As well, cultural...
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.....iation for individual differences. However, it is bad on its own because it is subjective and can become relativistic; there are no final value judgements. As a result, an ethic of care can lead people to making allowances for evil or to acting destructively towards others simply because they “Care” about the outcome rather than considering its logical implications. 10.Why would the Ethics of Care be advantageous over traditional theories when it comes to dealing with family and friends? The ethics of care is good when dealing with loved ones because families are a special context all their own and children cannot be approached as abstractions; they must be approached as loved ones. Additionally, families function best when love is present.