Answering 10 History Questions


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Answering 10 History Questions
Question 1:
The continuity of the ancient Greek classical world is one way I find studying ancient cultures relevant in the modern world. The rise of republicanism and democracy in the ancient Greek world provides a foundation for life in America because of its traditional respect for Greece as an ancient culture. This type of historical tradition is validated by the Founding Fathers philosophy on Greek democracy and of the important scholarship this has provided in the founding and sustaining of democracy in America (Osborne 143). By using ancient Greek culture as an example of the vital core values in our modern world, the legacy and continuity of culture as democracy and republican government is extremely...
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.....ry because of his forging the first power center in the growth of European power after the Fall of the Roman Empire. This set the transition from power in the Mediterranean world that shifted the traditional power into the hands of European Emperor. Charlemagne was symbolic of the rise of northern European power in the Western hemisphere that brought with it Roman and Greek values, creating a form of European enlightenment within the context of German cultural attributes (Wilson 167). While Europe had been previously known as Roman territories, the cultural shift in power from the Roman Christianity to the north greatly expanded the center of Christianity to a larger part of the world.
Wilson, Derek. Charlemagne. News York: Doubleday, 2007.