Annual Human Resources Report


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The beginning:
Annual Human Resources Report
10 Retail Management Measures for Increased Employee Efficacy and Cost Evaluation Relationships
To the Executive Team and the Board of Directors:
This annual HR report will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the ways in which this company will manage and provide human resources to the client, employee, and an operational analysis perspective. By providing the various usage of surveys, cost analysis, and other means of objective evaluations, the employee development and acquisitions policies will be defined. Also, by understanding the costs of employee behavior, a gauge of the cost effectiveness of employee interaction and processes can build a more efficient and dynamic workforce in the retail industry....
The end:
..... the employee based union relationships. Since Canada has a powerful union base in its ability to negotiate contracts with retail employees, it is vital importance to provide employees with the best possible working conditions. This, in turn, will save litigation and other wasteful spending that can limit the company’s profitability and sales margins.
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