Annotated Bibliography: Women in the Canadian Criminal Justice System


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Annotated Bibliography: Women in the Canadian Criminal Justice System
, F., Hanson, R., &
, M.E. (2010).
The recidivism rates of female sexual offenders are low: a meta-analysis. Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research & Treatment, 22(4): 387-401.
The scholars above are affiliated with the University of Montreal and with Public Safety Canada. They apply a meta-analysis of 10 studies (the follow-up is 6.5 years on average) to argue that female sexual offenders have extremely low rates of sexual recidivism. The scholars also argue that the recidivism rates for female sexual offenders are quite low relative to men. The findings are used by the scholars to argue that differential treatment and
risk assessment approaches are...
The end:
.....he study is complicated by the fact that the sample population is small and concentrated in a small canton in Switzerland; thus, one cannot universalize from the available data. In fairness, all women in the canton who involved themselves in violence-related or sex-related offences were included in the study (minimum length of incarceration, in other words). Nonetheless, the study, in trying to explain increasing levels of female incarceration and why women in wealthy, industrialized countries engage in violent or sexually inappropriate behavior, is very geographically concentrated and runs the risk of over-representing women from a particular social context (a canton in Switzerland) that does not illustrate the reality of women as a whole.