Annotated Bibliography on Santeria in Contemporary Cuban society


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The beginning:
Annotated Bibliography on Santeria in Contemporary Cuban society
Statement of what the paper’s topic will be about
The final paper arising from this essay will be about Santeria as it exists in contemporary Cuban society. The final research paper will devote a considerable amount of time to looking at the music endemic to Santeria, the religious practices found in Santeria, and the significance or relevance of Santeria to modern-day Cuban life. As much as possible, the final paper will attempt to highlight how Santeria has shaped modern Cuba and what the future portends for this controversial religion.
Annotated bibliography
Brandon, G. (1991). The uses of plants in healing an afro-Cuban religion, Santeria. Journal of Black Studies, 22(1):...
The end:
.....of African religion and Christianity and it is also excellent because it shows the various rituals in great detail. The article also stands out because it notes how African deities are held up as facsimiles of Christian saints; this syncretism is explored very effectively by the source.
The source is superb even if it is an older one. One possible problem is that it veers off towards the end and discusses how “the system provides symbolic rituals that lead to intra-psychic and social stability and allow the expression of various personality traits” (Martinez & Wetli, 1982, p.32). This sort of finding is open to debate since the article itself does not offer an empirical validation of that argument. Still, the source is very informative.