Annotated Bibliography on Racism in America


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Annotated Bibliography on Racism in America
Alexander, R. (2005). Racism, African Americans, and social
justice. Rowman & Littlefield.
Alexander provides a comprehensive discussion based on historical and statistical data outlining injustices against African Americans. Areas of application include the legal system, the juvenile justice system, the education system, law enforcement, economic discrimination, employment and the workplace, and justice. The author also provides discussion concerning the history of reparations in terms of arguments both for and against. Alexander's key theme throughout the book concerns the fact that African Americans do not have a bad life in America. The problem is that African Americans do not experience...
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.....acial justice. New Society Publishers.
Kivel provides an argument concerning how to uproot racism in America. Discussion begins with the provision of a conceptual analysis of racism – namely, definitions, behaviors, and attitudes. The author provides special emphasis on understanding the history and origins of racism. As most people understand, racism can be traced back to the beginnings of the country and slavery, but it continues today in the form of new institutions. Defeating racism, therefore, requires a fight against institutionalized forms of this insidious social problem. Accordingly, areas that must be examined and changed include immigration policies, voting, education, healthcare, the legal system, policing, and criminal justice.