Annotated Bibliography on Poverty and Crime


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Annotated Bibliography on Poverty and Crime
1 newspaper source, one internet source, 3 books/journals from the library
This paper looks at five sources that all discuss the correlation between poverty and crime. One of the sources suggests that areas with high clusters of poverty tracts are going to be gripped by violent crime – but the source also offers ambivalent testimony in this regard. Additionally, another source suggests that crime appears to afflict poor people more – and that they are especially vulnerable to property crime. Still another source notes how poverty and despair have led to crime in one UK community and another article points out that poverty in a country like Madagascar is often utilized as an...
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.....een poverty clustering and violent crime rates.
Criticism of the source. The methodology could have been better defined for laypeople; also, the article appears contradictory insofar as it says that there is little direct support for the idea that spatial clustering of poverty results in a high concentration of violence – but then it also says that “city disadvantage” (and poverty is one of the variables that goes into defining city disadvantage) is linked to violence crime in cities with high levels of poverty clustering; it is not clear what the authors are trying to say here unless they are trying to say that there is some overall correlation within the city but that the connection between poverty and crime is not geographically precise.