Annotated Bibliography on Medicine and Rehabilitation


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Annotated Bibliography on Medicine and Rehabilitation
, C. & Lundeberg, T. (2005). Use of analgesic drugs in individuals with spinal cord injury. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 37, 87-94.
This article is a report on a cross-sectional descriptive study intended to investigate the predictive or linked factors with use of analgesics for spinal cord injury. Surveys relating to pain and analgesic use were administered to 123 patients; a larger sample was needed. It was found that the major predictor for analgesic use in spinal cord injury is the affective component of pain. The affective component was rated on a scale of unpleasantness and was correlated with pain intensity but intensity was not the main predictor. Pain associated...
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.....nal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 37, 346-352.
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Salter, K., et al. (2006). Impact of early vs delayed admission to rehabilitation on functional outcomes in persons with stroke. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 38, 113-117.