Annotated Bibliography on Media Portrayals of Youth Crime


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Annotated Bibliography on Media Portrayals of Youth Crime
Brislin, T., & Yasuhiro, I. (2007). Kids and crime: A comparative study of youth coverage in Japan and the United States. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 22(1): 3-17.
This study is valuable and relevant because it looks at how cultural attitudes and predispositions impact the manner in which media types in various lands report crime. The study also explores some general trends in youth crime and does offer insight into specific cases of youth delinquency. As far as the substance of the report, it must be added that newspaper practices and media policies in two different cultures are closely examined. This source shall be used to answer the question by primarily arguing that...
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.....nadian Journal of Criminology, 38(3): 271-290.
The source above is relevant because it looks at the manner in which the media – particularly the print media – treats youth crime; the source is valuable because it offers a systematic questionnaire to a large number of Torontonians and then draws linkages between their beliefs and media depictions. The study assessed the media image of youth crime and how it differed from the statistical image of youth crime and then looked at the public perception of youth crime in Canada. The study assessed YOA reporting data; newspaper reports; and surveyed nearly 200 residents of Toronto. This study is very effective at answering the question because it draws the linkages mentioned above.
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