Annotated Bibliography: Economic Globalization


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Annotated Bibliography: Economic Globalization
The following academic works suggest that there are many discrepancies in the way that global leaders and banks view economic development in the context of globalization. Many of the articles show that there are intense contradictions in the way that globalization is approached. This annotated bibliography explores these viewpoints in order to assess the current standard of research and the challenges that governments, businesses and individuals face when dealing with issues related to globalization and economic development.
Armendáriz de Aghion, B. and Morduch, J. The Economics of
Microfinance. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005.
Armendáriz de Aghion and Morduch report that many proponents of...
The end:
.....ofinance. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005.
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Ownership?” Business Economics 39.2 (2004): 57-72.
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